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Serena| Auckland Family Photographer

This gorgeous family hail all the way from sunny Thursday Island, Queensland, Australia and I was absolulty excited to be shooting Serena’s beautiful kids once again. All my clients are absolutely awesome but some just stand out and end up being good friends! Something like that happened with Serena. She is a stunning women, a beautiful person inside and an absolutely amazing mum with the patience of a saint!! Being on holiday with three kids alone aaaaaand lugging them to a photo session on one of the windiest, rainy day of Auckland’s summer is no easy feat!

We had the most fabulous time at the beach with her beautiful children and here’s a little peak for you all to enjoy!

Thank you so much Serena for choosing me once again as your photographer and for being such an amazing person! xx


Auckland Family PhotographerAuckland Family PhotographerAuckland Family PhotographerAuckland Family PhotographerAuckland Family PhotographerAuckland Family Photographer

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 Auckland family photography, by Nazia C. Photography, of Auckland, New Zealand

Serena Diane Manaena - Nazia – always love the naturalness of your photos. Thanks for capturing my children for who they really are:-)

marena - Can’t wait to see more. The location looks amazing. Was sad the weather wasn’t great for you sis but the photos look stunning. I hope you get a lot more gems like this.

rob - The photos look great. Like the way you have captured them.

Theresa - Awesome pictures. I realy like them.

Sylvia Lawrence - Awesome setting and models. Gorgeous!!!

Hallie Cochran - Wow Nazia!
We absolutely LOVE the photos you have taken of Serena and the kids!!! They are so natural yet intense. You have really captured their beautiful natures.
All the best!
Hallie Cochran.

Jim - Wow, what beautiful children. Love their eyes.

Scott Marris - These portraits look like you all had loads of fun.

Marilyn - Your children are so darling. Thank you for sharing your photo.

Jill Kuhn - Certainly are great photos. Serena looking very beautiful there.

jeremy - Gorgeous photos how could they not be!!!

11-day-old Baby Eva | Auckland Newborn Photographer

Here’s gorgeous little Eva at 11 days new! With a sweet name to match her gorgeous personality, she has to be clearly the easiest newborn I have photographed to date. She also takes the title of the most poking tongue baby I’ve ever photographed! Every setup we went through had her smiling, grinning or just cheekily sticking her tongue out all whilst she enjoyed her sweet slumber! Eva, you were an absolute pleasure to photograph! Thank you Claire and Shaun for choosing me to capture your beautiful baby girl! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Let her sleep; when she wakes, she will move mountains.

Author: Jen Graham

Auckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerEva

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Eva,  Auckland newborn photography, by Nazia C. Photography, of Auckland, New Zealand


Serena Manaena - so adorable!! Love particularly the first and last two. So precious to have photos to reflect this magical age

3-week-old Baby Hannah | Auckland Newborn Photographer

Meet sweet little Hannah.

Hannah was surely a pleasure to photograph. She was 3 weeks old when she came to meet me and could not have been more calm and happy. She slept beautifully throughout her session and  I just couldn’t get over how perfectly gorgeous she is with her cute little pout and creamy beautiful skin. She’s definitely a stunner!

Thank you Ginny for choosing me to capture these precious memories of your gorgeous little girl. Enjoy your little sneak peek!

A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous…full of beauty and forever beautiful…loving and caring and truly amazing.
~ Deanna Beisser

Auckland Newborn Photographer
HannahAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn Photographer


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Hannah,  Auckland newborn photography, by Nazia C. Photography, of Auckland, New Zealand

Tam - Beautiful photos to treasure. What a beautiful wee girl x Great photo of Hannah and her Mum! Love them

Kristal - Beautifully captured, can’t wait to meet Hannah and have my own snuggles.

Anna - Absolutely beautiful pics Ginny, helps having such a gorgeous wee subject. Big Hugs Anna x

heike - Gorgeous photos of a beautiful girl

Natasa - So lovely x

Danielle - Amazing photos! Amazing model. Absolutely gorgeous x

Jo - Photos last a lifetime and these are beautiful!

Maggie - How adorable is your little girl? Achingly sweet. Congratulations to you and Brian. And loving the naked on a rug shot.

Bronwyne - Beautiful photos.

Helen - Oh Ginny they are beautiful, you are going to have to get them all!

Laura young - Totally gorgeous Ginny and Brian. Can’t wait to see you both soon xoxox

Krista - So beautiful Ginny and Brian!

Nicky - Gorgeous photos

Lesieli Oliver - Beautiful Ginny. My fav is you hugging her with your nice guns :)… She’s beautiful xx

liz - Amazing photos, Ginny and Brian you must be so proud.

Ginny - Thank you so much Nazia, I’m so impressed with the shots you got, especially when I didn’t think she’d stayed in any of the poses long enough. Choosing which ones we want is going to be tough.

emma McEwen - So beautiful!!!

Alaina - Wow those are precious shots. Talented

Judith Moore - Isn’t my granddaughter cute.

Joanne - Hannah is gorgeous Ginny. Amazing photos Nazia :)

9-day-old Baby Nico | Auckland Newborn Photographer

This is little baby Nico. Oh what an absolute pleasure it was meeting him and being his first photographer. I couldn’t get over those cheeks and those lashes had me kinda drooling! He was an absolute perfect model to photograph and sooooo cute! Still can’t get over those cheeks, Nico!

Thank you Wen and Regan for choosing me to photograph this momentous new chapter in your lives! Enjoy your sneak peek!


Babies are bits of stardust, blown from the hands of God.
- Barretto



Auckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerNico


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Nico, Auckland newborn photography, by Nazia C. Photography, of Auckland, New Zealand


X-Wen - Thanks Nazia for the fab photos! Can’t wait to see the rest ;)

Suharni - Taken beautifully, and yes baby nico is so adorable!! Love it!

Seng Moh Wai - A Jewel was born! He is dreaming to make the World a beautiful place for ALL. A precious gift!

Caitlin Low - Aww so cute!

Reena - Nico’s so beautiful, and amazing photography! Congratulations wen! :)

Siew voon - Beautiful baby

Siewwei - Adorable baby and lovely photos…

shaan - Pics look great! So cute

Yun Wen - Nico looks fabulous!

liana - Sooo lovely!!

Weihwa - He’s such a darling!

Sarah Powell - He’s gorgeous!!! Xxxx

joanne yap - Aww…. he is so cute!! Looks like he’s enjoyed the photo shoot

Sunset Love | Auckland Family Photographer

There is something very magical about the beach. Where two elements meet, water and earth. Add to that a stunningly beautiful sunset and I could spend the last wee hours of the day throughly relaxed, rejuvenated and filled with life. It’s one of our favourite places to spend time as family over summer and sometimes even spring. I absolutely love to shoot family sessions at the beach. I have to admit in Auckland, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to which beach you visit but the West Coast beaches are my absolute fave as nothing beats the magical light of the setting sun! Love it!

This family was an absolute pleasure to photograph. The kids had to be easiest I’ve come across in a long while and as expected had tons of fun on the sand dunes, beach and collecting precious keepsakes to take home with them at the end of the day. Thank you Yin for choosing me to photograph your beautiful family and capture these beautiful memories for you.

Enjoy your sneak peek and I’m looking forward to sharing the rest of your images on your online gallery soon!

“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today”

~ Anonymous

LoveAuckland Family photographerAuckland Family photographer
Auckland Family photographerAuckland Family photographer

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Sunset Love, Auckland family photography, by Nazia C. Photography, of Auckland, New Zealand