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Baby Nadia | Auckland Newborn Photographer

The best part of my job is seeing my clients grow from a couple to a family of three and then four! I feel blessed to meet people who are more friends than clients. I absolutely love seeing my newborn clients growing in front of me. Little Michael, who is not so little anymore has been a pleasure to photograph, from his very first  newborn session, then his first year session and now as a big brother to a sweet little girl.

Introducing to you, gorgeous Nadia at 11 days new ?

Thank you Marena and Rob for choosing me to once again capture your family’s beautiful memories!



“A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes, the sweet scent of powder, a kiss on the nose.
A baby is teddy bears, rattles, powder, and pins, meals at midnight, giggles, and grins.”

Auckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn Photographer
Auckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn Photographer

marena campbell - wow nazia love the pics. m looks so cute with a naked top half but also gorgeous and happy in his black shirt. love little nadia… thank you for capturing our little family.

Olivia - What adorable photos!

Danni - Beautiful!

Clive Barriball - Absolutely beautiful.

Nicky - What wonderful photos of Michael and Nadia – you always create such beautiful memories

Lisa - Beautiful photos!

Jody - Wow, what lovely photo’s, I really love the one with Michael kissing Nadia

M - Gorgeous kids, amazing photography. That last photo looks so much like Rob and Michael ;)

Chui Yee Jonassen - Love the picture of Nadia and her brother…too cute!

Jeremy - What a little angel can’t wait to watch her grow!!

Rosalie Purchase - Absolutely exquisite Photos of your two treasures. Magic! Love to all – Rosalie

Roslyn Penny - Love the photos they are gorgeous :)

Sylvia & Jim Lawrence - Oh, what beautiful children and captured wonderfully by the photographer.

Erin Fitzgerald - Lovely to capture these moments when bubs is so young!
Your little, not so little now, lad is also a stunner!!

Michael b - Absolutely beautiful pictures !!! I love the natural poses ;) can you come to America and take pics of our baby being born this week?

Crom - Very cute photos

jo - Beautiful photod

Cjay - Awesome photos Marena, she beautiful!

April L Lynch - Marena,
What beautiful photos of your beautiful children. What a joy it must be to share these. I loved seeing them. What a wonderful surprise! Thank u for sharing with me ????
April ????

marena campbell - Nazia – she looks so peaceful sleeping. So appreciate how you captured Michael since he was off his game on this particular day. Adore the photo of Michael kissing his baby sister and also of him smiling. Nadia looks so cute hands on her chest. She almost looks like she’s smiling. Thank you again. I can’t wait to share them.

Sonia Seiko Hotere - So adorable!!! Love it!

Donna Robinson - So so beautiful! Such a perfect example of how a picture can evoke so many emotions! Just lovely Marena!

Rob - Awesome work Nazia. Both of the kids look fantastic

Maxine Williams - Beautiful photo’s Marena, absolutely gorgeous xx

Jim Lawrence - How absolutely gorgeous!!! As one of the grandparents, I am VERY proud of the photos of both children. Perfection.

Andrea - These are wonderful! What great memories. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.x

Dianne De Estena - WOW absolutely gorgeous photo’s. The kids look so cute.

linda corbett - lovely photos

Belinda - What little cuties. They are adorable .

Jenna - Awww so cute, love the natural softness of it all and the joy on michael’s face. Great work!

Donna Hedley - Beautiful pics of beautiful babies

Kanthie gopal - Beautiful pictures , Nadia is gorgeous .

Pat Cossey - Love the photos, so gorgeous, very special for you all, xoxo

rilang - wow!!! great pictures.. this is just amazing shots.. such a memorable shots… wow.. great job.. MOm and DAd u should keep this for keepsake.. beautiful kids

Cristy - Oh what beautiful photos, love michaels grin:)

Jacquie Koberstein - cute kids guys, love them

Erin Taylor - WOW! What absolutely gorgeous photos! I especially love the photos of Michael giving his ‘baby sister’ a kiss! Nadia is so cute! Love, love, love the photo of Michael’s big smile!

Leigh Cowie - Wow what lovely photos of Michael and Nadia :)

Jackie - Magic photos of adorable little ones. Jackie

Inger - They are such beautiful photos! I love the big brother and your new addition. Congratulations guys – gorgeous photos and beautiful kiddies!

Jenna - Love the two of them together!

Sue Nelson - Gorgeous photos!

Kararaina Brown - Absolutely gorgeous photos……reminds me a lot of Anne Geddes photos, that I admire…..wish I knew about you when my girls were babies……awesome!!!

Aaron W - Awwww so cute :-)

Baby Flynn | Auckland Lifestyle and Newborn Photographer

The resilience of babies and their spirit to survive is truly nature’s marvel. My own personal experience was at the birth of my youngest child five years ago when he was admitted to NICU for respiratory problems.

Baby Flynn was diagnosed with Aortic Stenosis during the 5 month scan. It presents  abnormal narrowing of the aortic valve and meant he would need corrective surgery  in Auckland soon after birth. I met his parents, Kirsten and Mick for coffee a few days after they moved to Auckland’s Ronald McDonald house  from Christchurch in preparation for the arrival of their wee one. I was truly amazed at how composed, affable  and easy going the firs time parents-to-be were and was looking forward to the shoot! We decided a portrait session after his birth but prior to surgery would be the perfect moment to capture him as a tiny newborn.

Walking into Auckland Starship Hospital, I was expecting to see lines and wires attached to Flynn. To my utter delight, he was lying on the cot, in a stunning wrap, in sweet gentle slumber. I was told he was doing amazingly well even after all his tubes were removed and growing bigger and stronger every day which was important for his surgery. It was an amazingly easy session and darling Flynn was calm and relaxed all throughout. Half way through the shoot, we were interrupted with the news that Flynn was booked in for surgery the following week. As scary as it appears to imagine surgery on such a tiny, precious life,  I understood the wave of relief that went through the room.

Flynn underwent open heart procedure on 11th June. His parents have shared that it has gone fantastically well and they have now returned back home with their little miracle. His favourite thing to do at home: getting lots of cuddles!

All the best to Kirsten and Mick and thank you for choosing me to photograph your special boy for you!


A baby is a little bit of heaven on Earth.

~ Author Unknown


Auckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn Photographer
Auckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn Photographer
Auckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn Photographer

Auckland Newborn Photographer

Counting Down the Days | Auckland Maternity Photographer

Making a decision to have a child–it’s momentous.

It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.

- Elizabeth Stone

I absolutely love it when a mum-to-be comes to me for her maternity photography. This is such a fleeting and beautiful time in their lives and I love to make pregnant women feel as gorgeous and stunning as they truly are.

Thank you Jenny for choosing me to capture this special time in your life and I’m very much looking forward to meeting your little one!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

auckland maternity photographer

auckland maternity photographerauckland maternity photographer
auckland maternity photographerauckland maternity photographer
auckland maternity photographer
auckland maternity photographer

Twice As Much Love | Twins | Baby Photographer Auckland

Like many people I get super excited whenever I meet twins! Although being a mother of identical twins myself adds to my sheer exuberance! I’m sure like other mothers of multiples, I feel instantly connected to other mother of twins, understanding the sheer hard work and the the intense joy raising multiples brings.

Skylar and Sienna at 8 months old were an absolute pleasure to work with as they filled the studio with their gorgeous giggles and smiles! Being completely identical and completely confusing me throughout their session! I had to resort to taking notes to who I was shooting when:D

Enjoy a little sneak peek of their session! Thanks so much Gemma and Jason for trusting me with your families beautiful memories!! The girls were an absolute delight! xox

Hearts entwined
Twenty fingers, twenty toes,
two sweet babies with cheeks of rose.
Born on the same day, two gifts from above,
lives entwined, two babies to love.
~Author Unknown

Baby Photographer AucklandBaby Photographer AucklandBaby Photographer AucklandBaby Photographer AucklandBaby Photographer AucklandBaby Photographer AucklandBaby Photographer Auckland

Kelly - Now that’s some great photography! Too cute for words my nieces!

Jenna - Two beautiful girls!

Jen - Ahhhhh! The gorgeousness xx

Claire - Absolutely gorgeous!

Alexis - Awesome photos!

Nikki - Gorgeous girls :)

Sweet Siblings | Auckland Newborn Photographer

I keep saying and never tire of it that I do get the loveliest of clients! Geetha and I had been in touch during her pregnancy for her newborn shoot. She contacted me earlier than expected to say her baby had arrived two weeks early! Her birth story is the shortest I’ve ever come across out of all my clients and kudos to her to being able to go through it all drug-free, well, they didn’t even have time for that! Their little baby boy was ready to meet them:)and as every mother will tell you, she forgot all about the pain soon as she had him in her arms. That’s just so beautiful!

Big brother Tej,  also accompanied his little baby brother to the session. As any newborn photographer will tell you, a lot of hard work goes into a session with a newborn and little siblings at the session but these two little beautiful boys were just amazing and the shoot was a breeze to say the least. Little Tej cruised in and out of the studio, coming back to check on his baby brother. Oh, it is beautiful, the love he has for his baby brother!

Enjoy a little sneak peek of their session from Wednesday! Thanks so much Geetha and Suren for choosing me to be your newborn photographer and trusting your families beautiful memories with!! xox

  ” There’s no other love like the love for a brother. There’s no other love like the love from a brother.”
                              ~ Astrid Alauda


Auckland Newborn Photographer

Auckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn Photographer

9 day old baby boy, Auckland Newborn Photographer, Nazia C. Photography, Auckland, New Zealand.

Rachel - Simply stunning Nazia!!

Liz - Hi nazia c

Your works are priceless. Wish I had known of you when I was pregnant. Would have loved your touch on my walls.